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- Tropical Bog Plants, Taro, Elephant Ears -
Black Taro, Green Taro, Imperial Taro, Variegated Taro.

 Not just any fertilizer will do. You need 10-26-10 Copper Free*
This is very important for big blooming lilies, lotus and flowering plants.
*Copper will kill your valuable Japanese Trapdoor Snails that eat algae.

The Green Taro is commonly called "Elephant Ears" but any of the Taro have large Elephant-Like ears. Although Tropical plants, they are great for Northern climates as they easily winter over indoors. A 15 gallon pot kept just under the water in your pond, with 3 plants will give you great foliage in 90 days. In the fall, before any chance of frost, pull the pot out and let it drain for a day, then bring inside and keep wet. Return to the pond in the Spring. Tropical bog plants accent the water garden by adding color and shape.

Our plants are grown in 2" net pots to insure good root development to reduce transplant shock. Our method of growing the bog plants in this way reduces the likelihood of the plant dying back like bare root stock normally would. The size of the plant that we ship varies by variety. We try to ship plants that are semi-mature not just new starts. These should do very well in your pond.

Black Taro

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(Colocasia esculenta ‘Black Magic’) Charcoal black leaves. This taro grows about 2 to 3 high and as with all the taros this variety can take partial shade.

3 Plants, Tropical, Bog, Taro, Black
Price: $36.75

6 Plants, Tropical, Bog, Taro, Black
Price: $72.00

Green Taro

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Taro is one of the oldest cultivated food crops. The roots are cooked into 'poi'. This plant can grow to 4' tall, leaves up to 24". Also called elephant ears.

3 Plants, Tropical, Bog, Taro, Green
Price: $20.21

6 Plants, Tropical, Bog, Taro, Green
Price: $39.60

Imperial Taro

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An elegant plant that has black and green variegated leaves. Very exotic. Grows 24" to 30" tall and can easily be wintered over as a houseplant.

3 Plants, Tropical, Bog, Taro, Imperial
Price: $20.21

6 Plants, Tropical, Bog, Taro, Imperial
Price: $39.60

Variegated Taro

Out of Stock

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 ‘Hilo Beauty’ - Very striking with its lush green leaves that are mottled in ivory. This plant likes to be just at or slightly above the water surface.

3 Plants, Tropical, Bog, Taro, Variegated
Price: $20.21

6 Plants, Tropical, Bog, Taro, Variegated
Price: $39.60

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RESTRICTED PLANTS: Some states have bans on certain pond plants. Check the USDA Noxious Plants website prior to purchase. The buyer needs to beware of any regulations on plants that may be restricted. If your order gets confiscated by your state agriculture department we cannot be held responsible.

CLIMATE VARIATIONS: We guarantee our plants will arrive alive and healthy. Pond Plants grow differently depending on where you live. If you took pond plants of the same type, and planted them in different parts of the USA, each plant would grow differently. This is Mother Nature at work. We cannot guarantee that your climate will support long term growth as this varies by location. With experience you will find which pond plants thrive in your USDA Zone. Join our Pond, Watergarden and Plant Forum and ask some questions before you buy is the best advice we can give you.

SUBSTITUTIONS: We reserve the right to substitute Out of Stock plants of equal or greater value unless you specifically request otherwise in the remarks section of your order you submit. We try our very best to update the website availability and show plants that are Out of Stock.

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